Issues With My Order

Issues with Shipping 

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number from FedEx. To obtain delivery status or any other additional information regarding the delivery of your order, you must contact FedEx at 1-800-463-3339. Please note that Mosaic is not responsible for any weather delays or package mishandling caused by FedEx that might prevent the timely arrival of orders.

Received a Damaged or Stained Linen

Here at Mosaic we use a triple-check system to make sure the product you receive does not have any damage or stains. However, it is always possible that something can be missed during inspection. In the event that you receive your product and it is stained or damaged, please contact us immediately, prior to your event, at (412)562-2800 so that we can provide a replacement or credit. If it is after hours, you can still call us, and you will receive an emergency number to contact. If you do not contact us before the event takes place, reimbursements will not be approved. 

Late Linen Return

You may be subject to an extended rental fee. If there are any delays in returning orders, you must contact us (412)562.2800 or

Missing or Damaged Linens

All items are counted and thoroughly checked upon their arrival at Mosaic. When items are missing we notify clients once counted. Missing or damaged linens will be charged at the rate of 2.2 x the rental rate for most products. Some products will exceed these replacement costs. Damages include but are not limited to burns, tears, cuts, mildew, or excessive melted wax on fabric, all of which deem the product unusable. Products deemed damaged are at the sole discretion of Mosaic.