Bring Your Vision To Life!

What is "My Mosaic"?

"My Mosaic" is a tool for creating design boards that can be used for planning and inspiration. Projects can include photos of Mosaic products (such as linens, pillows, napkins and so much more!) , inspiration photos (from Mosaic's Event Gallery as well as any other photo you want!), and documents ( CAD's, floorplans and word document). Once created, you can add comments, share, and invite others to collaborate on the project. It is a great way to get started on event design! 

FAQ Pertaining to My Mosaic Projects

Creating a My Mosaic Account is easy! 

When on the home page, click the person icon in the upper right side. A dropdown appears. Click "Create An Account" and follow the prompts. If you want to include company information (name, email or uploaded logo/photo) you can do so here so it will show up on your My Mosaic project boards.

Logging into My Mosaic is also easy!

When on the home page, click the person icon in the upper right side. A dropdown appears. Click "Sign In" and follow the prompts to do so.  Your account will not be active until you click on the activate link sent to your email.

When signing in, you will be prompted to enter your log in name and password. If you forgot your password, click the "Forgot Password" button and follow the prompts to reset it. 
To start a "My Mosaic" project you must be logged into your account. Once you sign in, click the person icon on the top right and select the "My Mosaic Projects" icon. From there, click on the "Add Project" button and get started! 
Yes you can have as many "My Mosaic" projects as you want!  When logged in to your account all of your "My Mosaic" projects will appear.  You can add a new project at any time by clicking on the "Add Project" button. 
You can add a logo and company information when you create your account. Alternatively you can click on the human icon in the upper right and select "Account Information". From there you can add (or change) name and email. You also have an option to add a logo or company name/email so that it will appear when you download PDF's of your My Mosaic projects.
Yes, sharing a My Mosaic Project is easy!  You can do so in a manner that allows others to edit, and also as a view only PDF. 


View Only PDF:

Once you are ready, you you can click on the "Download PDF" button at the top next to your project name. From there, like any other PDF, you can open it, show in a folder, email it, or save to desktop and attach it to an email. 

You can also press the "share" icon next to "Download PDF" and share the unique link.  


Collaborate on the My Mosaic project:

Once you are ready, scroll to the bottom of your project find "Let's Get Tis Party Started: Collaborative Editing". From here you can click on the "Invite To The Party" button and send it! 
When in your Favorites (find them by clicking on the human icon in upper right and select "My Favorites" on the dropdown).  You can add any product to a project by clicking on "Add To Project".  From there you will be prompted to select which project to which it should be added. When viewing the project contents, you can add comments too ("this would be great for the dessert table" or "this will look stunning next to xyz").
 A Wish List is a great way to add some products to a bucket so that you can request swatches. However, Wish Lists are not saved and are best utilized when you don't want to log in or create an account. If you have items in a Wish List that you may want to access later or that you want to add to a My Mosaic project, doing so is easy!  Click the "Create Account" button or "sign in" link. Once you are logged in, access your Wish List by clicking on the heart in the upper right hand corner of the site. From there you can click the "Add All to Favorites" or "Save All to Project".  You can also select individual products to save to Favorites or My Mosaic projects. 
You can add a title, a description or a lead image when you create a My Mosaic project or after one has been created.  When you start a new project you will be prompted to add a Project Name, a photo and/or a description. If you have already created a My Mosaic project, click "Edit Project" to add a title and/or photo. 

There are two ways to add a product to a "My Mosaic" project:

From the Product Page:

Hover over the product and you will see a "Save to Project" button.  Click and follow prompts.

From Your My Mosaic.Project:

Click on "Add Product", if you know your product name you can type it in and it will appear in the dropdown.  If you do not know your product name or are not sure what you are looking for, no worries!  Click the "Product Catalog" link and start browsing and filtering to find what you are looking for!

Once in a My Mosaic project, scroll down to "Inspirational Images". From there you can click on Mosaic's Event Gallery to find images. We have hundreds of events with multiple photos in each gallery so there is something for everyone! Save those images to your computer and upload them to your My Mosaic project. You can also upload your own photos. Click "Add Photos" and follow the prompts to add. 
Once in a My Mosaic project, scroll down to "Documents" and click "Add Files". To add a CAD or floorplan save it as a PDF.  Word Docs will upload as well.  If you are going to want to share your My Mosaic project, you will need to upload your CADs as JPEGs as PDFs wont work. See FAQ below for assistance in converting your documents.
You can add comments to a product when you add it to a My Mosaic project, or afterwards when you are editing the project.  For photos you can add a caption when you are uploading, but not afterwards. For documents, you can add a File Title when you are uploading, but not afterwards. 

How do I format my CAD or document which is a PDF  as a JPEG to upload into a My Mosaic project?

First try to right click and save your image as a JPEG. If you cannot, you can try to upload it to a program that converts formats. Google search for free apps which provide this service. If you cannot make it work, you can always take a screen shot or snipping tool of it and save that as a JPEG.

Why don't my CADs and other PDF documents show up when I share a My Mosaic project? 

Unfortunately when you go to share a My Mosaic project, PDF's wont download. In order to have it appear, save your image as a JPEG instead, and upload it into your project.  JPEGs will download so that you can share them in your My Mosaic.