We Care!

Helping Others + Best Eco-Conscious Practices!

Event Pros Take Action:

Mosaic's owner, Susie Perelman, co-founded a not for profit, Event Pros Take Action, in 2009 with Larry Green of Peak Events. This 501c3 was created for event professionals worldwide who want to get involved in rebuilding homes and assist those communities that have suffered from environmental catastrophe. EPTA has been to New Orleans to assist Hurricane Katrina victims for the past decade and has also worked in a variety of other communities including Rockaway Peninsula NY, Houston Texas, Los Angeles CA, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Over the years, Mosaic has raised money for those in need and underwritten the costs of many employees on work missions. With hundreds of event professionals, it feels good to know that we are making a difference.

In addition to providing volunteers to assist in the physical rebuilding of homes in NOLA, EPTA has underwritten the costs of 9 homes and outfitted them in full (from bed sets, sofas, and tables to flat-screen TVs, washers and dryers, and curtains). EPTA volunteers have also worked with community groups such as Liberty’s Kitchen, Covenant House NOLA, and Covenant House California to help troubled youth in these communities as they try to build a better life as young adults. Knowing that home is where the heart is, supporters of EPTA have assisted so many to feel safe again.

Giving Back to Others in Need:

 Beyond EPTA, Mosaic has worked with several other local and national organizations to give back.  From an industry perspective, Mosaic has support ILEA and SEARCH Foundation for 20 years. Susie was one of the teams who launched ILEA Pittsburgh and remained on their board for years. Locally Mosaic has donated fabrics for 20 years to animal shelters, church groups, schools, theater groups, and not for profits. We have hosted Thanksgiving dinners for shelter residents and organized canned good drives for the holidays. One year, Mosaic participated in the ALS Bucket Challenge, dumping giant purple buckets filled with water on owner, Susie Perelman!  During COVID, Mosaic donated money to COVID relief organizations such as WHO, and The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and underwritten food for first responders through the sale of Mosaic masks. Mosaic donated masks to a local, not for profit, 412PPE to help stop the spread. In addition, Susie Perelman and her family have underwritten the cost of the building of a preschool in Tanzania in a poverty-stricken community after a trip there in 2016. A firm believer in giving back, Perelman leads her company by example and encourages all employees to give back to causes near and dear to their hearts.

 Green Practices:

Mosaic is committed to ensuring a bright future for our planet! The nature of renting for events is, in fact, the definition of sustainability. With the “re-use” of rental linens, our business model is inherently good for the environment. In addition, Mosaic makes every effort to stay green. We recycle hangers. We clean our linens with environmentally safe products, in strictly PH-controlled water.  We provide clients with cloth duffels for shipping returns to minimize the use of cardboard boxes and plastic bags.  Our facility is zoned for heat and air control, and we recycle paper, metal and other workplace materials. We reused cardboard boxes, and offer fabric bags for local clients who are bagging their linens after events. Mosaic makes every effort to reduce its footprint on the earth while providing unparalleled service to its clients.  Eco-conscious practices are a high priority within our facilities and for the servicing of our community.